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Reina -  San Agustín Oapan - Guerrero

Reina - San Agustín Oapan - Guerrero

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Reina -  San Agustín Oapan - Guerrero


Anonymous Artisan

Ht.37" x W. 7" x D. 7"


In the mountains of Guerrero, in a small village so remote that it does not appear on maps of Mexico, a group of families carry on a tradition of ceramic art that is hundreds of years old and that has been passed from father to son and mother to daughter for many generations. Nowhere else on the planet are people making work that is anything like the large ollas, animals, tall figures, and village scenes created by the families in San Augustin Oapan, Guererro. The figures are burros, pigs, turkeys, village scenes, and the village’s trademark tall, thin figures with faces that resemble the villagers themselves. They call these regal figures reinas, or queens. All the pieces are painted with more village scenes like weddings, fields being plowed and planted, chickens and pigs being fed — the everyday life of these villagers.